Is my freight insured?


Exportair is an IATA approved cargo agent.

As such, all goods sent by Exportair are covered automatically by a mandatory airline insurance cover. This is included in the freight cost.

This insurance is provided by the airline, not by Exportair.

Each kilogram (gross weight) is covered for USD $20 against negligence or wilful damage by the airline (carrier) providing there has been no contributory negligence by the shipper, consignee or other claimant, eg: insufficient packaging.

If required Exportair is able to offer additional insurance cover. Please contact us.

Occasionally goods may arrive with damage to them. You must check the conditions of your goods at the destination before you sign for them. If this happens, you must not sign for the goods. You must insist on having a survey done by the airline or responsible agent.

You must also quote the air waybill number at all times. If a claim is necessary, it is important you keep a copy of all correspondence. If you need to lodge a claim against the airline, this should be done without delay, and it should be done at the destination.