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Economical air freight services in Perth


Perth Air Freight Services

Perth Air Freight Services

Effortless excess baggage shipping to anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re packing a suitcase for a holiday, moving your belongings abroad, or attending a professional sporting event, excess baggage is one of those dilemmas we sometimes cannot avoid.

With a little bit of planning, unaccompanied baggage provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to paying high excess baggage rates at the airport.


Exportair will send your unaccompanied to any destination you choose.

In most cases, If there is an airport then we can get it there.

Exportair make sending unaccompanied baggage simple. We offer a full range of professional services and facilities to ensure your freight arrives safely at your chosen destination.

Save money and send your excess baggage as unaccompanied baggage

Free Pick-Up Service in the Perth Metropolitan area.

We are focused on friendly customer service. We can come to you, you can come to us, or we’re just as happy answering any of your questions over the phone, or by email.

We will talk you through the entire process, and provide you with in-depth advice and remove the stress.

We assist you to complete all the necessary export documentation and formalities before dispatching your belongings to your chosen destination.

We offer air freight or sea freight solutions, and also have access to competitive rates from both local & international couriers.

We can arrange safe transportation of your belongings on the day of your departure or weeks before. The choice is yours, and we are here to help.

Don’t let excess baggage get you down. Contact us for a tailored solution suited to your budget.


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Contact us today for a quick and competitively priced solution for sending your personal goods abroad.

If you are planning to send airfreight from anywhere in Perth, then give us a call.

Our competitive prices and expert industry knowledge means we can help you save money and safely get your personal goods to your chosen destination.