Where does Exportair deliver my freight?


Exportair can offer a door to door service, but more commonly & cost-effectively we provide a door to airport service whereby you or the receiver (consignee) collect the cargo at the airport.

Exportair, and most freight forwarders, will ship your goods as “cargo”.

In most cases, your freight will arrive at the cargo department of the airline (or their agent) in the specified destination.

You will be contacted by the airline and will need to arrange clearance and collection of your items.

Customs duties, taxes or terminal fees in the importing country will need to be met by you or the receiver in the destination country.

Some countries will require you to employ an agent to clear these goods for you prior to you taking receipt of them. This is standard practice.

As part of the World Baggage Network, we can also offer delivery to the door in many destinations by using our counterparts overseas who will assist with clearing customs and delivery.

As another option for delivery of your freight to your door, we have access to preferential rates from all domestic and international couriers operating out of Perth.