What is involved with collecting my goods at the destination?


What do I need to collect my cargo at the destination?

Be sure to keep your air waybill (AWB) number.

You must always quote the air waybill number in all matters pertaining to your shipment. This would have been provided to you by Exportair at the initial stages of the freight process.

Be sure that have with you (or the nominated receiver) has some form of government issued identification that is recognised by the local authorities such that you can be identified as the correct consignee/receiver of the shipment.

If you choose to send someone who isn’t named on the AWB to collect on your behalf, remember that you will need to provide them with a letter of authority that allows them to do so.


Storage fees at your destination

Once your goods arrive at your destination, please remember to collect them promptly.

If you use our website to track your cargo, then you will hopefully avoid any storage fees at the destination.

There is usually a period of free storage allowed. In most cases, fees will begin to accrue after a period of 2 days.

Free storage periods do vary from country to country. As does the method by which fees are imposed, but are usually charged on a per kilogram per day basis.


Terminal fees at your destination

A terminal fee is normally charged by authorities in the destination country. It is sometimes termed an import fee.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide you with an up-to-date list of these charges for every destination as they change without notice. However, most countries will impose a fee (in their local currency) that is under AUD $100. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism where you can prepay the fee.


Customs and Quarantine at your destination

It is your responsibility to clear customs (and quarantine if required). You are responsible for any taxes or duties imposed at your destination.

Please allow time to clear your goods through customs, prior to you being able to collect them. It is always a good idea to check with the airline/agent and customs on their opening hours.