How do I pack?


Packing is an important aspect of ensuring your goods reach their destination undamaged.

Even though Exportair will label each of your items with three separate identifying stickers, we recommend that you label each bag, suitcase or carton with your name, address and telephone number.

If you will be collecting these items yourself, it is a good idea to watch the weight of each item.

Keep your items at a weight that you are comfortable lifting.

As we have a free pick up service you might not notice the weight initially, but it may prove cumbersome at your destination.

It is recommended to use new cardboard cartons, or better-quality suitcases. In all cases common sense prevails, all packaging materials should be strong and durable.

If you are using boxes or cartons, we recommend the use of new, double-walled cartons and not old second-hand boxes.

If you require new cartons, please contact Exportair. We stock a larger double-walled tea-chest carton and a smaller strengthened cardboard book carton.

We also recommend clear packaging tape as it does seem to adhere better to cardboard.

Please be aware of the danger of void areas in your cartons – try not to under pack them. These voids will weaken your carton and your goods may get damaged. If you are in any doubt, please contact us as we can offer you some advice on how to minimise internal movement.

Obviously, if you intend to send fragile items then they require extra attention from you in during the packing process. Try to cushion fragile items as much as possible and position them centrally. Fragile items if damaged or lost may not be covered by compensation cover.