General Cargo Information

Commercial customers


For commercial customers, Exportair offers a superior service for all your air cargo requirements.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for business clients and can assist you in all areas of:

  • Airfreight exports worldwide
  • Express courier service worldwide
  • Import customs clearance & delivery
  • Domestic airfreight.

Please contact our experienced staff for further information.


Collecting your cargo at the destination


You must check the condition of your goods before you sign for them.

Occasionally your shipment may arrive with damage to yourgoods. If this happens you must not sign for the goods. You must insist on having a survey done by the airline or responsible agent. It is the airline or agent's duty to protect and track your shipment.

Be sure to keep your airway bill number. You must always quote the airway bill number in all matters pertaining to your shipment.

If a claim is necessary, it is important you keep a copy of all correspondence. If you must lodge a claim against the airline, this should be done without delay, and it should be done at the destination.

Be sure to have with you some form of government issued identification that is recognised by the local authorities such that you can be identified as the correct consignee/receiver of the shipment.


Arrival times may vary


Unaccompanied baggage has a lower priority (due to discounted rate). At peak times, baggage may take a few weeks to reach its destination. You can check progress on the Exportair website or the Track-And Trace Aircargo website.

At the Destination, you should be contacted by the Agent for the Airline by telephone. They will advise where your goods are being held. We always recommend that you are pro-active, and contact the airline (or agent) on a telephone number provided to you by Exportair. As you see your shipment arrive at its destination via the tracking service, please use this number to contact the ground handling agent. This will help you to avoid storage fees.


Storage fees


Storage fees can be charged should you not collect your goods promptly. There is a period of free storage allowed, but in most cases fees will begin to accrue after a period of 2 days.

Free storage periods do vary from country to country. As do the method by which fees are imposed, but are usually charged on a per kilogram per day basis.


Terminal fees


A terminal fee is normally charged by authorities at the destination. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide you with an up-to-date list of these charges for every destination. However, most countries will impose a fee (in their local currency) that is under AUD $100. You cannot prepay the fee.


Customs and Quarantine


It is your responsibility to clear customs (and quarantine if required). You are responsible for any taxes or duties imposed at your destination. Please allow plenty of time for customs to clear your goods, prior to you being able to collect them. It is always a good idea to check with the airline/agent and customs on their opening hours.


Terms and Conditions


Exportairs term and conditions can be found on this website. Please click here.



Exportair offers a superior service for all your air cargo requirements.

Exportair offers a superior service for all your air cargo requirements.